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Baking headway

UX design /  UI design / front-end development / branding / visual communications

Baking Headway is an online community-driven recipe sharing site where users can share their latest baking successes and learnings. Baking Headway focuses on mental health, 'headway verdicts', and community support.

My task was to create a visual brand that attracted users and a site with systems that allowed the freedom to share and learn.

Since launching, Baking Headway has attracted audiences from all over the world.


Baking headway logo

Baking Headway logo design

Colour palette

User experience and interface design

Screenshot 2022-01-29 at 22.47.44.png
Screenshot 2022-02-02 at 15.15.49.png

Baking Headway homepage and information architecture

Screenshot 2022-02-02 at 15.14.38.png

Recipe submissiioin with 'headway verdict'

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